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For the Ideas that just won't Die

Fanfic Bunnies
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Don't forget to visit our sister community, ofbunnies for all your Original Fiction Bunnies!

Here's the place to get rid of those pesky little ideas and thoughts that follow you home and won't leave you alone. No matter what the idea is- complete or not, the sharing of ideas within the fanfiction community can help others to learn and write. The ideas can be about anything, not just ideas for plots or characters- your fandom, your writing, other people's writing. It's not just about writing, but about inspiring.

Please visit this post and this other post for some more information, and for any FAQs you may have.

To learn how to perform an lj-cut, go here.

1. You can make an introduction post if you so wish, though to avoid clutter, it is hoped that you will make your introduction within a normal post containing an idea or such.

2. Please don't post any large images unless you need to, and put them behind an lj-cut if you do.

3. Please avoid clogging up the main page with large amounts of text, place the majority of your entry behind an lj-cut.

4. If the discussion is likely on a topic that may be deemed offensive, please place it behind an lj-cut and make sure it's clear on the entry that the material within is NSFW.

5. If your entry is going to contain spoilers for a certain work, please place the entry behind an lj-cut and warn readers.

6. Trolls will not be tolerated, and the offending entry will be deleted, or comments frozen. It is also asked of others to not 'feed the troll' and respond, thanks.

7a. If you have an already-completed fanfiction series that you think could inspire others, please do share the links. However, this community is more for helping those with WIPs (Works in Progress). Completed stories take away from those writers who need help with their own works. (See 7b for more)

7b. Please do not treat this community as your own personal writing journal for the posting of individual chapters for a series. One-shots are fine, but having pages cluttered up with post after post of chapters can be rather tiresome and others seeking help may be lost amongst them. In conjunction with 7a, if you have something like that, provide provide links to off-site.

8. Members found to be plagiarising another member's idea without permission will be booted from the community and their work reported.

9. If you'd like to promote your community, contact me on the post linked below.

10. Please enjoy the community and be kind to one another. This community was made to express ideas and thoughts on not only the writing side of fanfiction, but everything surrounding it. If you have any problems, please contact me on this post.

Owner/Creator/Mod: rainejoybringer

(If the community grows, I may be in need of a couple reliable mods to help out though)

naruto_choice - Our first affiliate! Naruto_Choice is a contest community that rewards good Naruto fanfiction, and entry is open to almost every category under the sun.

fan_characters - Run by the awesome Rira_Chan, Fan_Characters is for fanfic writers who feel they need advice on their OCs and how to improve them.

If you'd like to become an affiliate, please contact me on this post.

For links to writing guides, please visit this post. Suggestions for new links are welcome.