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01 March 2012 @ 12:54 pm
Now that the new SSX game has come out, I started to remember a plot bunny I had years go around the time SSX Tricky came out. It's a recovery-romance fic about where JP accidentally hits Eddie with his car (he was driving drunk), putting him in a wheelchair. If focuses on JP's guilt, Eddie's recovery and a possible relationship for Eddie with another character who's helping him out. My associates and I played with the idea of it being Brody.
27 March 2010 @ 01:35 pm
It popped in my head. A Ducktales one where a year later after Glomgold and other genius of various fields vanished, Glomgold comes back and reluctantly has to ask his rival, Scrooge for help because the new society wants to destroy Duckberg and St. Canard (even Glomgold would be opposed to genocide).

So it's a little mystery as Scrooge McDuck, Fenton Crackshaft and Gyro Gearloose remember three mysterious entrepreneurs all asked for their help in creating a society of the "best and brightest" wouldn't be hindered by mediocre people and things. The problem is that all of them refused when they weren't allowed to bring their "inferior" loved ones along with them (or in Gyro's case he'd miss Duckberg too much and thought it was wrong not to share this idea with the rest of the world and make it better).

And its found out that the leader of three was exposed by Darkwing when he lived in St. Canard when one of his nightclubs caught on fire for not obeying building codes, caused a bunch of people to be injured and blamed the victims for their stupidity because "they should've known" having a fire act inside his club was dangerous.  So he escaped before he could be taken to court because he felt that he was being persecuted by "unfair rules" and the "jealous weak" that ruined his empire (since no one would work with him).

To the three's disappointment, neither city fell when they left and managed to get by without them. Since their own utopia is having a few problems, the leader has gone a mad and plans to destroy both cities in revenge. So characters from both series have to work together in a race against time which is no small feat since you have two rivals having to put aside their differences and the fact that Darkwing is not a team player.
I've always been a fan of magical girls show, but I'll admit there's something that's sorely lacking in 99% of said shows: Action. So, I started watching Nanoha thinking it would be just another unrequited-love-and-friendship-and-cutesy thing, but was surprised at the level of details of the battles, and the fact Nanoha might well be the first magical girl ever to like her powers and using them.

So, since I'm a fan of Sailor Moon, I started chewing on the idea of crossing both shows over. And thus...

Sailor Moon vs. Nanoha. One-sided match, anyone?Collapse )

So, what do you think? Should I just shoot this plot bunny dead before it eats my legs? :D
20 July 2009 @ 08:47 pm
I was watching Linkara's review on a Captian Planet comic and I remembered an episode where Wheeler goes back in time to convince his past self to not accept the ring.  Instead of letting the other Planeteers go to crap because of Wheeler's selfishness, Gaia took it as a sign of betrayal and let someone else take the ring. You'd think she'd have a back-up kid or two in case one of the Planeteers dies, is forced to abandon their mission (due to severe injury or personal issues) or refuses the ring.

And what if that ring went to someone who while smarter and more dedicated than Wheeler, but was also more unconventional with the mission like wondering why they can't let Mai-Tai use his powers to heal Dr. Blithe's crazed mind or erase the memories of one of the villians and is more aggressive with the use of their fire powers than the rest of the Planeteers would like. Basically this character would be a wild card who is on the side of good.

Now that Wheeler's realizes how empty his life is, he tries to reclaim his destiny with a very hurt Gaia wanting nothing to do with him.
26 May 2009 @ 12:32 pm

  A friend of mine and I were talking about Atlantis: The Lost Empire and thought that it would've made for a better TV series than movie (yes I know about the Nadia controversy.)  With so much the movie had on it's plate and with the large cast it had, it felt rushed.  So this is the remake we threw together...

It's a doozyCollapse )
09 May 2009 @ 09:15 pm
League of Super Evil: I was reading about Fred Phelps and his anti-gay rallies where he spews his hatrid of gays  as the ultimate while watching League of Super Evil and it got me thinking what if Voltar had come across one of his rallies.  So a story idea came to me where Voltar (in his ignorance) assumes that since Phelps is a reverend that he knows what his talking about with good and evil, so he decides that if gays are evil then he and the rest of the leauge will be gay.  Given how stupid Voltar he has no idea what gay really is other than the overdone sterotypes and leading marches.  Throw in Doktor Frogg's having flashbacks of his disasterious "bi-curious phase", innocent Red being oblivious to the intetions of any man flirting with him, and the Phelps family fighting them with their super suits (they bought with the lawsuit money they get by goading people to hit them and then suing their asses) and you got a messed-up little satire. 

Time Squad: An older Otto's presence is finally revealed to the rest of Time Squad and the ultimatum is either pass the entrance exam to become a member or be forced back to his time with his memories erased.  It also includes the leader of Time Squad, Tudd Russel's former mother-law, who still holds a grudge against Tudd and Larry (because one of the other Larry units ran off with her husband) and the possiblity to having to break out a ex-member and robophile who knows the location of a item that might keep Otto with them out of jail (let's just say attempting to kidnap Avril Lavine as an infant and drop her off with a tribe of Bushmen will get you into trouble.)  I was thinking of having a slash and non-slash verison of the story. 
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28 April 2009 @ 04:24 pm
 I enjoy a good "What if..." scenario and it got me thinking about Fairly OddParents.  What if Cosmo and Wanda had never met and she ended up marrying Juandismo instead?  Don't get me wrong, I love Cosmo (though that season they turned him into a total womanizing ass really tested me), but it was a fun topic to explore and it could be fodder for a cute series of short stories of what could've been...

-First of all Crocker would be quite the different person since Cosmo wasn't there to ruin things and Crocker would've been able to keep his godparents for a little longer and help get over the abandonment and crap he had in his childhood.  Still be the weirdo teacher whose obsessed with fairies and gets unexpect visits from his mooching mom (instead of living with her), but more strict with a low tolerance for stupidity and laziness than an evil bully. 

-One of the stories, of course, would involve Remy and his fairy godparent, Cosmo.   Since Wanda was never there to balance out Momma Cosma's influence, poor Cosmo is now even more of a sheltered momma's boy.  Touched by Cosmo's sweetness and childish innocence as well as feeling sorry for him, she tries to befriend him and encourage Timmy to be friends with Remy (which gets off to a lousy start.)  Thus Remy gets a bigger part in the story as a friend-boarderline-rival and Wanda's marriage being put to the test with Jaundismo's insecurity, Momma Cosma disapproving for the friendship espceally when Wanda and a reluctant Juandismo try to teach Cosmo to stand up for himself, and Cosmo falling in love with her and innocently believing that nothing bad will come out of it.

-As for Poof, still have the baby but maybe a daughter (Titana) could be fun.  Little Titania would be daddy's little girl (partically because she looks a lot like him) and there could be a story where she gets mixed up with some of the kids Vicky is "caring" for  and proves to be too much even for her.
14 March 2009 @ 11:18 am
This is one of those weird plot points I think of all the time. I'm always attracted to stories where time paradoxes and time traveling play a somewhat major role. I had already added them to my own story, because it already had a canon paradox, and I saw I could have a few more added on. However, one of the last plot bunnies I used there was what someone called the Mother Of All Paradoxes (at least, for Sailor Moon.)

Cut for lengthCollapse )
07 February 2009 @ 03:39 pm
My own, for once. ;) I made it today, since there didn't seem to be any that focused specifically on Guyver fanfiction.

Well, now there's at least one: tales_of_guyver. :D
06 January 2009 @ 12:13 pm
Thought I had to share this one, it could help those trying to work around this very issue I had with my story.

One of the key points of the cute little epic I'm writing is that, eventually, a second generation of Senshi shows up (just have a Senshi married for a few centuries, and it just has to happen. :D ) Of course, none of them comes quite up to the level of their parents. But, once I had the setup and decided to make a full second generation of Senshi to serve as a backup/plot device with benefits, then I realized I had one too many same-gender couples around *Points at icon.*

So, here's where the plot bunny was born. I started thinking of ways for them to get children. Adoption meant breaking a few rules I had already set up, so it was quickly discarded. I played with having the bloodlines of the SilMil Senshi survive until the present/future days, but... Knowing as little of biology as I do, I can already call bullshit on that idea easily.

Then I realized I had skipped over the one simple answer to that dilemma. The Ginzuishou. In my epic, besides the canon stuff the crystal's famous for, it was even able to erase a villain's powers completely (invincible? There's not such thing when facing a reality-altering crystal.) So, I had this little idea of having the Senshi get pregnant via magic, with a lot of help from the Ginzuishou. And the first one to fool around with that 'power' of the crystal is Princess Serenity (see above icon) since she has her own crystal of awesome+9 already.

As my girlfriend pointed out, I just 'took the fun out of DGs.' Color me guilty, I guess. =D

Second idea: What happens when the child born from any Senshi is actually born from two Senshi of different planets? My take on that: I had a guy who could use ice and death magic, and will have one girl in the future with powers over wind and water... And a guy who can sic a lightning-charged stone golem at his foes.